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Recommended Readings

The following is a list of some of the popular books available on the experience of divine guidance:

Muto, S., & Van Kaam, A. (1994). Divine guidance: Seeking to find and follow the will of God. Servant Publications. 

Myss, C. (2003). Sacred contracts: Awakening your divine potential. Three Rivers Press.

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Wawro, J. (2010). Ask your inner voice. Ozark Mountain Publishing.

Wiemer, L. M. (1997). Extraordinary guidance: How to connect with your spiritual guides. Three Rivers Press.

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Internet Resources

The following list of Internet resources are links to web sites that may offer additional information and knowledge on topics referred to on this site.

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The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences

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Digital Storytelling

Center for Digital Storytelling

The Frey

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Integral and Transpersonal Psychology

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Guide to the Transpersonal Internet

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

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World Religions and Spirituality

A Course in Miracles

Interfaith Center

Internet Sacred Text Archive

United Religions Initiative

Virtual Religion Index

World Religions and Faith Traditions

Zen Stories

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  You are invited to participate in the Divine Guidance Project by using the resources of this web site for your own self-inquiry into the experience of divine guidance and by submitting your own personal accounts of seeking, receiving, and following guidance from a perceived Divine Source.




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